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2027 King County Medic One EMS Levy Advisory Task Force

Position: Helen Chatalas, Asst. Director King Co EMS
May contain: stencil and logo

King County Fire Commissioner Association Representative

Fire Commissioner: Mark Thompson
South King Fire

Position 2:
Fire Commissioner: Don Gentry
Mountain View Fire and Rescue

Position 3:
Currently vacant
Need Commissioner to fill position (on going work throughout the current levy period and work on 2026 Levy).


Overseeing the creation and vetting of the Medic One/EMS levy is the EMS Advisory Task Force, which is charged with reviewing and endorsing broad policy decisions for the EMS system. This 20-body group consists of elected officials from cities and fire districts. Representing those who administer, authorize and are served by the system, the Task Force will be invaluable in determining the right proposal, and the financial implications it may have, for their jurisdictions.

More specific information is available on King County EMS website under 2020-2025 Levy Planning Process.

Fire Commissioners interested in filling the two fire commissioner vacant seats for the 2020-25 Levy period please contact your association President. The vacant positions need to be filled as soon as possible.  Meetings, when held, are Hybrid Virtual Meetings via TEAMS.

NOTE: some initial informational planning for the 2026-31 Levy period will begin in mid/late 2023-2024. 


Subcommittees of EMS Levy Taskforce

The Medic One/EMS levy planning process uses four subcommittees to conduct program and cost analyses needed to develop the next EMS Strategic Plan and levy. Chaired by an EMS Advisory Task Force member and comprised of EMS Levy Taskforce members and subject matter experts, the groups meet monthly, as needed, to determine the programs needed to ensure the region can continue to provide its world-class emergency medical service. The subcommittees are broken into the four basic program areas of:

  • Advanced Life Support (ALS, or paramedics);
  • Basic Life Support (BLS, or EMTs/first responders);
  • Regional Services/Strategic Initiatives (or core support services and pilots); and
  • Finance