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King County Fire Commissioners Association  Membership 

logo reads king county commissioners with a red fire fighter's hat in the middle

Why should your Fire District, Fire Department or RFA join our Association?

Because we are E.P.I.C.

Our commissioners stay current
while learning best practices and new fire service related developments, by attending our monthly programs and periodic Fire Commissioner Academy workshops,

Our association unites the voices of fire commissioners
, governance board members and city public safety committees in King County. A unified voice strengthens our opportunity to influence county and state government legislation and regulation affecting the fire service. We strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for the fire service and citizens of King County.

In addition
to our monthly educational programs, our commissioners are kept informed through our website, emails and our direct line of communication. Our members receive email notifications of upcoming events, legislative changes and educational opportunities in the fire service Industry.

Our general membership
meets once a month to connect with their fellow commissioners. We share and learn what is working in our districts as well as collaborate and take action on challenges that face us all.

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Membership dues are by District, Department, City Council Public Safety Committees and RFA Governance Boards, not individual commissioners.