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logo reads king county commissioners with a red fire fighter's hat in the middle

Established in 1967

The King County Fire Commissioner's Association is a non-profit organization comprised of Fire Commissioners representing every fire District or RFA agency within King County. Our purpose is to safeguard and better the fire service establishments within King County.

The King County Fire Commissioner's Association has a vision to be an effective voice that is strategic, valued, and essential to its stakeholders. The Association's stated mission is E.P.I.C. We strive to Educate, Promote, Inform & Connect the fire service industry in King County and surrounding areas within the state of Washington.

The Association holds occasional Saturday seminars and meets monthly to discuss emerging issues and trend. We set, discuss and report on strategy and objectives as part of a broader annual work plan and long tlerm vision the meets the Association's mission and vision. Each month we are updated by field experts about the latest developments and best practices.

KCFCA is a very active Association that has become increasingly more influential in regional issues and initiatives. The Commissioner's Assocaiton is a resource that benefits local agencies by leveraging the influence of the Association in achieving the vision and mission of the fire service for the King County region.