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NIMS Class - $10

May contain: person

Associate Membership - $250

May contain: person, man, adult, male, and fireman

Associate memberships are offered to private sector companies and individuals wishing to affiliate with the King County Fire Commissioners Association. With an associate membership your organization will have special sponsorship opportunities and support our Association’s efforts to play an integral role in providing leading edge training and education for fire commissioners, officials and others in the fire, emergency medical services and rescue industry.

Dues: $250 per year

General Membership - $180

May contain: person and fire

The Association offers organizational membership to all King County fire districts, regional fire authorities, and other agencies and organizations responsible for providing fire, rescue and emergency medical services. The membership benefits are extended to all commissioners, council members, public safety committee members and administrative leadership of member organizations. Our all-volunteer organization depends on strong member participation to further its goals of educating, informing, promoting and connecting.

Dues: $180 per year