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The King County Fire Commissioners Association was created in 1967 to foster and encourage the participation of all Fire Commissioners, RFA Governance Board members and other elected officials of emergency services organizations in King County.  For over 50 years, we have provided:

  • Education on subjects Commissioners must know to do their jobs and meet regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Information from suppliers of equipment, services, technology, educators and new process developments.
  • Representation on important King County emergency committees.
  • Updates on and influencing legislative actions by local, county, state and federal officials and agencies.
  • Networking with other Commissioners to share and solve problems, get their experience with new methods and equipment and enjoy spending time with your fellow leaders.

To see all the activities of the Association, calendar of events, fire service activity in King County and opportunities to be active in the Association,  go to our


The objective of this survey is to learn how the Association can meet your needs as commissioner members and the agencies that you were elected to serve.

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