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Darigold Amonia Leak & Evacuation Drill | 1000

Joint Emergency Operations for a Simulated Amonia Leak.

Darigold, Eastside Fire & Rescue & Zone 1 Eastside Hazardous Materials Response Team

The following information is from Captain Michael Tjavold from Eastside Fire & Rescue:     


Hello to All the participants and Observers,

We are just two weeks away from our joint drill. The 10 day Forecast is looking good for mild weather, mostly cloudy with only a slight chance of rain. This is the IAP for the drill. Please make note of arrival times and do your level best to adhere, especially for those arriving in private vehicles or Chief cars. This will ease apparatus placement and management of them when they arrive. L171 and A171 are the closest and should arrive early as they will be the first in line staged on the bridge over the Issaquah Creek near the south end closure of Rainier Blvd N. 

Please SHARE this with anyone.

Please contact me if you have any questions. For the participants, you should have received the pre-read powerpoint training for the drill. If anyone else needs a copy of it, please let me know and I will get it to you promptly. At this point, the planning phase is over and we should just be preparing our teams for a successful exercise.

Thanks again to everyone who has had a part in planning this. Rick, Please thank your team from me. I look forward to seeing you all.